Introducing Hiva Daf Players Group

Hiva Daf Ensemble has been formed since 2005 under the direction of “Mohammad Reza Namdarpour” in Esfahan, the capital of Iranian culture and art.
Among the group’s goals are to create a different approach to arranging pieces for percussion instruments and to address rhythm discourse without the presence of melodies, to help train creative and competent musicians in percussion instruments, to perform valuable musical programs to make people more familiar with percussion instruments And identify rhythm capabilities.
Due to the executive ban on women in Esfahan province until 2019, this group has cooperated and interacted with active groups in Tehran, including the “Forouzan” group led by “Siavash Abdi”, which in this regard, despite the appearance of the largest daf playing group in Iran. One of the results of this collaboration is a concert with the father of Iranian daf playing, Master “Bijan Kamkar” (December 2015 – Milad Tower International Conference Hall), which was also held in Vahdat Hall in May 2015 due to the welcome of the fans. The stage was set, and in January 2016, the beautiful hall of Azadi Tower witnessed the performance of this group accompanied by the veteran ‘Ney” player “Jamshid Andalibi”. Continuous collaboration with “Kourosh Asadpour”, one of the most influential singers of Bakhtiari folk music and “Raber Yousefkhani”, one of the singers of Kurdistan maqam music, is one of the honors of this group, which can result in concerts in Shahrekord, Shahin Shahr and Esfahan mentioned in the field of Iranian folk music. Also, Hiva daf musicians, in addition to accompanying Hesar’s musicians under the direction of “Ali Ghamsari” on the stage of Azadi Tower in 2016; has also held concerts with the Esfahan National Orchestra, sung by Salar Aghili – Roudaki Hall, Esfahan, 2019. Collaboration with the prominent director of the country “Morteza Atash Zamzam” in making the movie “Nirvana” produced in 2020 is another activity of this group.