My name is Mohammad Reza Namdarpour. I was born in July 1986, in Kermanshah, Iran. I finished my primary education there and then moved to Isfahan with my family.
I started playing percussion instruments at an early age. I am honored that I had great mentors such as Bijan Kamkar, Jamshid Mohebbi, Nabil Yousef Sharidavi, and Shayan Riahi.As a youth, I became more acquainted with Persian poetry. I was chosen to participate in various gatherings as a young poet such as The Eighth National Assembly of Poetry and Young Stories of the Country (from The Green Sky), held in September 2010, in Sari.
I continued my studies and got my master’s degree from the Malek Ashtar University of Technology, 2013 (electro-optical engineering – laser orientation). Later on, my university introduced me to the elite headquarters of the Armed, and due to this, I completed my military service by using the four-month elite deficit.
I can safely say that during my education and my sevice at the military, I was never seperated from my musical recreational activities; I taught in varied music institutes, collaborated feat music groups, held concerts, and attended assemblies. Furthermore, I researched, composed, and recorded music and tried to make a living.

In May 2007, I founded The Hiva Group and invited my Daf students to join. Currently, Hiva is one of the most cohesive, determined, and experienced Daf playing groups in Iran. Hiva not only has successful performances, but also has educational activities and trains good musicians in the Daf playing community. These days my focus is on publishing my book for expert players of Daf.